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Sylvia Plath

           My reading experience of Sylvia Plath is a marvelous one. Her words and verse mesmerize your soul and take you to the abyss of her and your own being with catching sounds, multi-chromatic and floral images. Meaning itself becomes slippery in her verse. It disseminates in different directions. The poem becomes an onion and you begin to peel it layer after layer. The poem, “The Arrival of the Bee Box” is one of my favorite poems.

The Arrival of the Bee Box by Sylvia Plath

The Arrival of the Bee Box – Sylvia Plath

I ordered this, clean wood box

Square as a chair and almost too heavy to lift.

I would say it was the coffin of a midget

Or a square baby

Were there not such a din in it.

The box is locked, it is dangerous.

I have to live with it overnight

And I can’t keep away from it.

There are no windows, so I can’t see what is in there.

There is only a little grid, no exit.

I put my eye to the grid.

It is dark, dark,

With the swarmy feeling of African hands

Minute and shrunk for export,

Black on black, angrily clambering.

How can I let them out?

It is the noise that appalls me most of all,

The unintelligible syllables.

It is like a Roman mob,

Small, taken one by one, but my god, together!

I lay my ear to furious Latin.

I am not a Caesar.

I have simply ordered a box of maniacs.

They can be sent back.

They can die, I need feed them nothing, I am the owner.

I wonder how hungry they are.

I wonder if they would forget me

If I just undid the locks and stood back and turned into a tree.

There is the laburnum, its blond colonnades,

And the petticoats of the cherry.

They might ignore me immediately

In my moon suit and funeral veil.

I am no source of honey

So why should they turn on me?

Tomorrow I will be sweet God, I will set them free.

The box is only temporary.

The Metaphor of Global Village

The Metaphor of Global Village

The term “global village” is a euphemistic expression for the digital and interconnected world in which we are living. It has stuffed our minds and memories with digital images. Now we, human beings, do not cause our personal and social memory. Our minds are stuffed with a novel kind of memory that can be called digital memory.